Thursday, 20 June 2013

Is the National Trust to be trusted?

I stumbled across this gunstock door on a conservatory at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk.

Call me a finick if you wish but if you go to the trouble of making a gunstock door I think you should scribe the outside moulding rather than take the easy route of running on the moulding afterwards with a router and then cleaning out the corners. The plain chamfer stopped well short of the glass leaving a flat which will surely collect water and rot. The moulding is also completely missing from the lower panels. What is the world coming to?

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Mark Rhodes said...

I have often wondered if a scribed joint is more of a water trap in some circumstances? I know it looks better, but do you think that the masons mitre (seen above) has a place? They could of just mitred it I suppose, but is this again a water trap? I'm about 2 miles from felbrigg hall, if you are ever that way again.