Saturday, 1 June 2013

First ride on the new Moulton

After much wrestling with ebay I finally managed to secure a decent Moulton, with some nice gear, at a price I was prepared to pay. It is astonishing and depressing how people will pay high prices for rubbish and how many bandits there are out there. This was one of a pair, apparently owned by an old couple, and they had gradually improved them by the addition of Shimano gears, wheels, hubs and V brakes and Stronglight chainsets. It is 1994 vintage and still in the original aqua colour and generally good nick. I think I got the ladies version as it had tiny toe clips and a short stem which I will need to change.

Anyway after a bit of initial spannering to remove bells and racks and adjust the brakes, gears and suspension, it was time for a trial ride. I was very impressed by general handling and the effect of the suspension, which makes it very stable, particularly on bumpy, high speed corners and completely eliminated the bashing I normally suffer on my hands. The current tyres are a bit agricultural but over-inflated to 100 psi resulted in fine free wheeling speed. Gear changing is particularly smooth by virtue of the smaller and faster spinning wheels but is currently a bit short on the top end.

I intend to use this as a road bike and so will not make too much use of the separating facility but it is there if needed for packing in the car boot. All up weight is similar to my hybrid but it is certainly less and faster than the Brompton, which is my commuter machine.

All in all well pleased and looking forward to some fine tuning in due course.

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