Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dressing Room Fit Out

We had our clothes scattered in various wardrobes, drawers and cupboards throughout the house for several years, waiting for the dressing room to be fitted out. Life didn't seem to be getting any quieter and time was not available so we decided to sub the job out to my mate Doug, who is a star at a all things building and particularly woodwork.

I did have a design, which consisted of a series of open shelves, divided up into sections, with hanging rails for shirts and trousers and open wire drawers at low level to save hands and knees burrowing. At one end we need a closed cupboard to hide the house electrics, CCTV to film the many varmints who visit us and a home for the medical box.

It is a small room about 8' x 6' so pics are difficult. The entire job was done in cherry MDF to match the existing joinery and finished in the newly found magic Osmo oil using a "thin" undercoat and satin topcoat. The resulting finish is wonderful and ideal for cherry. Doug used his Webrax to de-nib which was also very effective leaving a silky surface.

The LHS with 500mm drawers and a slide out washing  basket. All fittings from there Hafele range.

 The wide drawers on the left are just outside the range of the door

A nice bit of figured board for the doors.

The electrics cupboard hides a multitude of mess but can be removed in case of maintenance of additions being required.

We are very pleased with the outcome, which has revealed clothes I had long since forgotten I had, and grateful to my mate Doug for his top quality workmanship.

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