Monday, 12 May 2014

Chop Saw Enclosure

I got fed up with the mess from my slide mitre saw so decided to make an enclosure from which the dust could be extracted. It is certainly not a design icon but it does the job. I tried to make the minimum open space at the front to concentrate the air flow backwards whilst leaving enough room to use the controls. In short it works.

My first effort had the top too low and dust escaped upwards so I modified it with a roof extension which has now done the trick. It catches almost all the dust apart from a small quantity which bounces back from the fence.

There is an inlet for the 100mm extract hose at the bottom of the Vee which goes into the workshop system via a blast gate. The 30mm tube from the blade has now been upgraded to a 50mm item which works better and discharges into the main pipe.


Stan Shields said...

nice job! I just did something similar.

DeJure said...

How good does it do? I built a [far] more basic version back before I owned actual dust collectors and it helped a lot. It was much wider, because it also had stop rails and such, but it lacked the detail yours has and which, it seems, would improve collection.

Currently, my smallest of my three collectors (two three horse, four bag Jets and a Harbor Freight)is dedicated to the miter. I was thinking of just going the nylon route, but I enjoy my shop and this would add a bit of style.

By making the base bigger than needed for the Bosch, I could put any miter I wanted on it in the future. I'd just use a bottom board with allthread, nuts and washers to raise and lower the base according to need.