Friday, 15 March 2013

Some old 80's stuff (cottage style)

Double self moulded gunstock door

I don't know what possessed me to make 15 self moulded doors. Purism gone mad. It would be impossible to change the stained glass without routing out a rebate. The glass was made by a girl in Klondyke Swadlincote from a contemporary Polish Art Nouveau design.

Hall cupboards 1985

Awful veneered ply panels in New Zealand Pine - best avoided.

A traditional loft access stair but only 600mm wide with winders so as to take minimum space from the lower room.

Trad DF stair with winders

Stairs in Columbian Pine (and only example of my spinny stuff)

80's bathroom

Sooo dated

The kitchen below was made using only hand tools and a Bosch 1/4" router. The parana pine was a nightmare as it twisted like propellors at every opportunity. 

Note the Chicken Brick Ed!
1980 kitchen ripped off from Poggenpohl in Parana Pine

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