Saturday, 16 March 2013

Workshop Stuff

Dad's ultimate lathe

Made largely with hacksaw and file with a wooden headstock from 25mm ply, dividing head, spiral turning gear, cross slide and rack, offsettable tailstock for wood or light metal. A hybrid of hybrids.

Uncle Bills miller, yet to be made operational

Grinding bench with Wetstone, dry and tool and cutter grinder for router bits and milling cutters etc

Metalwork bench and storage with ally top

Finger jointed woodwork bench - still holding on!

Hybrid English Scandi bench - what a mess

Krenovian tool chest


A piece of Jacobs Sycamore used as a plane test (The BU smoother passed)

New workstation for the SCMS level with bandsaw and drill press

Me at work offshore Oban in -15C (I'm the yellow one)

Metalwork bench in construction

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