Saturday, 23 March 2013

Built in Linen Cupboard with Haberdasher's Drawers in Cherry

We had a space on the landing which was ideally placed as a central bedding store so set about making a custom cupboard to first. I must acknowledge the help of my friend Doug who did all the carcassing, doors and piston and cylinder fitting in order to get the job done this decade.

Haberdashers drawers have a low front to ease access and visibility. They also serve well as handles. This pic shows the profiled clamp blocks to miss the dovetails in use.

Waste slotted with the bandsaw to make cleaning out easy with a wide chisel

The higher rear part of the drawer was through dovetailed with laps on the front.

Laps marked through with a sharp chisel

I used drawer slips with the tops nearly flush with the drawer bottom

12mm ply drawer bottoms were rebated with a skew rebate

This leaves the drawer inside uncluttered

Fitted and running

Doors edged in solid lipping with contrasting grain vertical to match existing door

Job done - one off the list!

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