Friday, 5 April 2013

A homage to Alan Peters

I saw this at an exhibition a few years ago and made this similar but smaller version from memory. I hope he would have approved. It is in Ash with an Olive streak and American Black Walnut foot.

The tenons stop short of the top and there are ABW inlays to match the foot. That of course was deliberate planning ;-) Another mistake was to finish it in Danish Oil which has now turned a tedious yellow. It should have been acid cat laquer.

I have recently bought some Rosewood from AP's workshop stock and I will have to think long and hard of a suitable tribute on which to use it. I met him once at an exhibition and he was a most unassuming man, bearing in mind his huge achievements in modern design incorporating Japanese elements.

It is true that his tool range was limited and that he used a No 7 for almost everything, but I can't see anything wrong with that.

I also have an AP garden bench seat which I made in 1980 and is now rotten which once appeared as a free plan in The Woodworker. I will do a measured drawing for use in re-creating this piece later. Does anyone remember it?

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