Friday, 12 April 2013

Built in log store

I needed a ventilated space to store logs next to our woodburner in the lounge and had created a space by the making the flue cowl a central divider on an otherwise flat wall. I installed an external, baffled air vent in the wall to prevent draughts and drawing air from the area of an adjacent stove in the hall.

It was an opportunity to use up a pile of board ends in Douglas Fir (Columbian or Oregon Pine depending on where you are reading this) which had accumulated from windows and doors elsewhere.

I didn't bother with a drawing so this is a view of the part finished installation

First I framed out the space and made a level top. I wanted the front rail to extend right up to the wall on both sides to continue the line of the piece.

I prepped up all the stock to size and decided to use dominoes for speed and accuracy to maintain even spacing for the slatted tops.

As usual  I assembled on a building board to ensure squareness and avoid wind.

I screwed blocks to the board and knocked in wedges to clamp up

Hinged to the back rail with a small overhang at the front to serve as a handle

A fairly simple job but nice to do and used up a pile of short lengths, which is always satisfying.


It still needs a final coat of the black varnish and I will be re-routing the cables out of site (eventually)

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