Sunday, 28 April 2013

Jonny D's open day

We had a Woodies meet at Jon's yesterday, which was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and some new faces, at one of the best makers in the group. Jon works out in the sticks near Boston and has a large workshop crammed with some solid machinery featuring Wadkin, Sedgewick, Multico etc and some top line hand tools, not least his recent additions from the Veritas stable.

The Peak Hydraulic Group turned out in force for the event and, being currently under doctor's orders, I volunteered to drive. Doug  helpfully decided to bring along a wardrobe door for the edgebanding demonstration so it was a bit cosy in the back seat for a while.

We kicked off with some general milling about and socialising and checked out some of the more exotic hand tools including the Lie Neilsen mitre plane on which I managed to mitre my finger end, some Clifton hollow and round spokeshaves and a Veritas LA jointer with side fence.

Alex brought along the remarkable Festool Jigsaw, which takes the process to a new level and I have heard at least two have been ordered this morning!

We took Jacob (Mr Grimsdale) along, but the personal protection we had arranged proved unnecessary and he is seen here chatting happily to Alex from Derby with wee Bob, Matty and Ed straining in the background trying to hear how to do rounded bevels.

Wee Bob had come along to flog off some dodgy Essex kit and brought his hound for protection. The hound ate the chocolate cake and I picked up some quick clamps which was handy. I also picked up the remnants of the chocolate cake, before being told the hound had cleared the plate, and my current health is testament to the welfare and condition of the dog!

It was great to finally meet Paul Chapman and I had a long and enjoyable exchange of views which was long overdue, great to meet you Paul. We share  some views on modern architecture, windows and the like which at least makes two of us. The rest of you don't know what you are missing.

JH was put to work trimming a pack of veneer which Jon then bonded to a piece of MDF in the Airpress. Many helpful tips emerged in the process and we tried the Mirka sander when it had gone off which was truly excellent and completely dust free. I think we all managed to get a gratuitous shot of the Brooks Bros calendar and wondered why we had not all been offered one!

After an outdoor barbeque, courtesy of Ditchburn senior, Doug's door now came up for processing and we were treated to a demo of the edgebander, which produced an excellent result, before being finally finished with the back of a kitchen knife! Doug looks worried in the background.

With the practical demos over it was time to go into the classroom with Nick for an introduction to the intricacies of Sketchup. This ever more popular solid drawing software is great for woodwork but you need a different mind-set if you are coming from CAD. Nick did a great job of introducing the basic concepts then giving us an insight into the more advanced possibilities of animations, external background graphics and links to Cutlist etc. Thanks Nick (on the left) it was much appreciated. (although you wouldn't think so from the expressions below!!)

It really is a great offshoot of the woodwork forums that these events take place where we can exchange experience and ideas and have a good social event at the same time. We ended up sampling the local hostelry, which was truly excellent, before gravitating to the usual Indian. Most of the more responsible members then set off for home leaving only the dissolute hard core to sample the fleshpots of Boston and the mandatory marathon session.

Thanks to all and looking forward to the next one. A plane-in at Crich perhaps? 

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