Friday, 19 April 2013

Austrian Hotel Woodwork

They love their pine woodwork in Austria, it is everywhere. This hotel was build in 1990 and most, maybe all,  of the detail is done by hand.

Dining room was really nice

I love this mould detail - very clever

The ceilings were all very decorative

All this work just for a bar seat

I think all this was done by hand

It's a very bad shot but the serpentine ceiling panels were definitely finished straight from the plane along with the surrounding framework

Not sure which vegetable this is (artichoke?) but clearly hznd carved

The lights were fantastic art-nouveau reproductions

Another ceiling detail

This may have had some machine work but I couldn't be sure

Fantastic AN staircase which had been made in place with brass beaten over the handrail and some details

My favourite item was this arched window with full Euro tilt and turn gear. Very difficult to do.

 Final staircase up to our 3 room suite, all for 100 Euro per night for two, including breakfast. It's z good time to visit Austria between skiing and summer.

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